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Shugo Densetsu
100% Organic Turmeric

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Four kinds of turmeric and four kinds of herbs made from the best ingredients

"Shugo Densetsu" is a 100% natural supplement made from Okinawan ingredients.
Thanks to your support, more than 100 million packets have been purchased by people all over the world since its launch.
There are no preservatives, no coloring agents, no preservatives, no antioxidants, and the ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides.

We also use Okinawa Ogon, a type of turmeric that is grown only in Okinawa Prefecture in the world.
Compared to ordinary autumn turmeric, Okinawa Ogon contains about 22 times* more tetrahydrocurcumin, an antioxidant active ingredient.

※Okinawa Ogon is an improved variety of autumn turmeric.

Using materials jointly researched by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture of Ryukyu University
8 ingredients selected for health
4 kinds of turmeric x 4 kinds of herbs
4 kinds of turmeric x 4 kinds of herbs
100% of the ingredients are made in Okinawa100% of the ingredients are made in Okinawa
※1:Curcumin = Tetrahydrocurcumin ※2、※3:According to our own research

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The world's favorite "Shugo Densetsu"

The Chinese characters used for the product name, "酒豪伝説(Shugo Densetsu)" are easy to understand for people in the Asian region.
The product name "Legend of Heavy Drinker" in Chinese characters is easy to understand and has spread to China, Taiwan, Korea, and the rest of the world.

The product has been featured in famous magazines such as "anan" (Japanese magazine), and has been ranked No. 1 in the Rakuten market for 11 consecutive weeks.

Today, it is available not only through EC, but is also available at all convenience stores in Okinawa Prefecture, and has become a popular product wholesaled to drugstores and variety shops nationwide.


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