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Farm Introduction

"Shugo Densetsu" is grown under thorough cultivation and quality control, taking advantage of the nature and climate of Okinawa,

All products that can be grown in Okinawa are grown without the use of agricultural chemicals on our own farms and by contracted farmers.

We have acquired ISO 22000 certification for our quality and safety management system, which enables us to provide safe and reliable products to our customers.

Our farm is also used by many customers as a tourist farm where they can enjoy a variety of herbs and wildflowers from season to season.

Ayurvedic Farm

We carefully nurture our products in a large farm of 40,753 tsubo (=134,484 m2 including the farm in Miyakojima),

Under the supervision of Ayurveda Beauty College, we grow many medicinal herbs, vegetables, and spices.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old Indian traditional medicine that is certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as preventive medicine to prevent disease.

It is based on the wisdom of using medicinal herbs and spices based on the constitution and physical condition of the body, and aims to improve the body's natural healing power through diet, lifestyle, and exercise methods, thereby preventing the body from getting sick.

Okinawa has a similar climate to India, and Ayurveda overlaps with the wisdom of Okinawan aunts.
We are constantly researching to provide medicinal herbs, vegetables, and spices for Okinawa and the rest of the world as a Japanese Ayurveda.

Manufacturing Plant

We are committed to thorough quality control to ensure safe and reliable products.

In order to realize more secure and reliable products, we manufacture our products in a plant that has acquired the latest quality and safety management system, ISO22000.

Based on the philosophy of "safety and security start from the cultivation site," we are committed to thorough quality control.
Furthermore, in 2011, we acquired health food GMP certification.

How "Ryukyu "Shugo Densetsu" was created